About Us

Hi there !

I'm Anna and I hail from Ukraine. The story of my flower journey began with a curtain. It all started when war broke out in my home country of Ukraine, and I was forced to flee with nothing but the clothes on my back. For years, I had been crafting wedding products with my trusty tools and materials, but now they were all gone.

However, I refused to let my passion for creating wither away. Even in the midst of chaos, I knew I had to find a way to keep making beautiful things. That's when I stumbled upon some unused curtains in the attic of our temporary shelter. With nothing else to work with, I started experimenting and that's how my first fabric rose came to life.

With only one shop in the village and limited types of atlas, I continued to refine my craft and experiment with different flower designs. Despite the challenges, I never gave up on my dream of creating beauty, and that's how Kvitno flower accessories came to be.